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Codetree Development

Codetree offers development services to enable the client to expand and enhance business systems and allow for effective communication between systems.

Development can be undertaken as part of a collaboration or as a complete project with associated business and systems analysis.

We work within the UML framework for design and specification of all of our systems and where necessary will adopt the design methodologies of our customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Powerful CRM Functionality.

Development and support is available for CRM installations and applications. CRM can be extended to provide custom .Net functionality deep within the CRM workflow engine where CRM can take advantage of most other systems and data sources.

Custom .Net Solutions

Reduced Development Time and Cost with .Net

.NET is a robust software platform developed by Microsoft. This revolutionary technology allows systems & applications coordinate with each other seamlessly.

This results in streamlining processes and making business easier, faster, and more reliable.

By taking advantage of .NET applications you join the growing group of businesses that have grown on the strengths of .NET Framework.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Services' expansion abilities begin with Web Parts ASP. NET based building blocks that users can assemble at runtime into customized pages that meet their specialized needs.

In addition to this, each SharePoint site and its contents are accessible via managed code and Web services, delivering Web sites as programmable objects.

SharePoint Office Server, being built on Windows SharePoint Services, contains additional object models and Web services for user profiling, audience targeting, content categorization, indexing and search, single sign-on to line-of-business applications, and much more.

Codetree is able to offer consultancy to facilitate the development of SharePoint technologies and to bind a multitude of third party data systems into SharePoint such as Pegasus and Sage.

N Tier Solutions

Solutions in the Enterprise

Codetree builds applications that take full advantage of both the rich user interface features of the Microsoft Windows operating system and the powerful communication protocols inherent in the .Net Framework

Through building with multiple levels (n-tiers) of application we can provide robust industry strength systems that are scaleable and portable where communication between the layers can exploit .Net Web Services, COM+ or .Net Remoting.

Specialists in Sharepoint Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence

Legacy Systems

Visual Basic 6.0, COM+ etc.

Development and support is available for legacy applications developed in VB6.0 and earlier versions - all technologies in this arena are covered from simple one-off applications through to enterprise architectures.

Mobile .Net Solutions

Solutions 'Out and About'

Codetree works with a rich, flexible platform and comprehensive resources to build innovative applications for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Investors in Windows Mobile technology can benefit from:

  • Seamless and secure data connectivity
  • Rich API support (Telephony, Bluetooth, Gaming APIs)
  • An extensive range of programming models (C#, VB etc)
  • Device resources (industry standard expansion interfaces)


Specialists in Sharepoint Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence